Enforcement of Energy Efficiency Regulation for Direct Expansion Air Conditioners in Kuwait

According to the recent announcement from Ministerial Resolution no. 15/2018 in Kuwait, PAI will be enforcing the technical regulation according to KWS 1893 for all Direct Expansion Air conditioners that are being shipped to Kuwait.

This announcement has already been published in the Kuwaiti official gazette and this technical regulation will be enforced with effect from 5th August 2019.

This standard specifies the following requirements:

  • Energy efficiency labelling
  • Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) for Air-Cooled DX (Direct Expansion) Air Conditioners with capacities including and up to 70,000 Btu/h. It is applied to units designed to operate in AC single phase circuits of 240 V, and three phase circuits of 415V with a frequency of 50 Hz.

The objective of this Standard regulation is to:

  • Provide detailed information on the Energy Labelling requirements which an air conditioning appliance has to meet in order to carry a valid energy efficiency label;
  • Provide detailed information on the performance requirements which an air conditioning appliance has to achieve in order to meet Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) requirements.

PAI now is currently working on the process to provide Air Conditioner appliance manufacturers access to their IT system to obtain the EER tags for their Air Conditioner appliances.

Exporters of Air Conditioners to Kuwait are hereby advised to take advantage of this advance notice to ensure that their products will be in full compliance to the Energy Efficiency Standard KWS – 1893 before the enforcement of the regulation.

Exporters of these products can contact Intertek for further clarification and understanding of how this affects marketing entry into Kuwait.

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Please contact us or call: (82) 2 775 5255 if you would like further information on how Intertek can help you meet the requirements of the Kuwait KUCAS programme.

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