Many partners are involved to ensure that products are exported to Kuwait in the safest, most secure way as possible.

The Kuwait Conformity Assessment Scheme (KUCAS)

KUCAS provides Kuwaiti consumers with assurances that 'Regulated Products' are hazard free and of good quality. The scheme is also a form of insurance for importers and exporters, helping them secure swift and efficient clearance of consignments of Regulated Products by Kuwaiti Customs. It can also eliminate the losses to importers which would result from having to re-export products that do not comply with the Kuwaiti mandatory requirements.

KUCAS is implemented through the programmes' internationally recognised conformity assessment and verification procedures conducted at the various countries of export. The programme is designed to be fully consistent with the rules, regulations and legitimate instruction incorporated in the relevant agreements of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

The Public Authority for Industry (PAI)

The PAI is part of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the State of Kuwait, with a primary objective of promotion, development and upgrading of the industrial sector.

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